NFPA Compliant-Self-Cleaning Rotary Valve Airlock

The industry’s first NFPA-compliant, self-cleaning rotary valve airlock!

PMM has developed the extremely popular, self-cleaning rotary valve airlock, which is tailored to effectively and efficiently manage wet, sticky, and generally difficult-to-handle material types.

The self-cleaning rotary airlock is manufactured from an abrasion-resistant, 500 Brinell through-hardened steel alloy that is surface-treated pushing the hardness to nearly 60 Rockwell. The self-cleaning rotary airlock is equipped with a lower rotor that is perfectly synchronized to self-clean the upper rotor pockets, eliminating those constant maintenance headaches caused by material sticking in the rotor’s pockets!

Eliminate those troublesome spots in your material handling operation by installing a PMM Self-Cleaning Rotary Valve Airlock!