Cement Manufacturing Material Handling

A Cement Manufacturing operation moves massive tons of material through its systems every day. From clinker raw mill and alternative fuels to coal power production, dust collection, and/or the finish mill. Regardless of the material handling process, very few components can stand up to the rigorous demands a Cement Manufacturing operation requires. This is why Cement operations throughout North America are turning to PMM to deploy our extreme-duty material handling components, which assist with increasing throughput, decreasing maintenance costs, and most of all eliminating unscheduled downtime.

High Volume Raw Mill, Clinker & Limestone

Raw Mill Rotary Airlock Feeder

Able to process up to 800 tons per hour, while keeping the mill at a consistent 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Precision’s raw mill rotary airlock feeders are the most robust and functional airlock on the market today. Eliminate unscheduled downtime and decrease maintenance costs!
High-Volume Granular, Powdery & Ash Materials

Double Slope Rotary Airlock Feeder

Coal and pet coke continues to be a common fuel source. Control of the feed rate to ensure the proper amount of material is being consistently delivered to the kiln or calciner, while also controlling the amount of air moving downstream/upstream, is vital to any successful operation.
Wood, Organic and Alternative Fuel Materials

Rotary Airlock Feeder w/Knife

Alternative fuels come in all shapes and sizes! From used tires to carpet, plastic products, and wood waste, having a durable rotary airlock feeder, which is equipped with a specially sourced hardened tool steel knife, is a game changer when it comes to efficiently delivering this broad range of materials.
NFPA Compliant-Perfect for Granular & Powdery Materials

Extreme Duty Rotary Valve Airlock

Everyone is concerned about the environment and no industrial manufacturing operation is more scrutinized than a fully operational cement manufacturing plant! The amount of dust created by the cement manufacturing process can be quite challenging to manage but with an Extreme Duty Rotary Valve Airlock at the center of the operation's dust collection efforts, it is one less thing to worry about.
The Ideal Solution for Low-Quality Coal Applications

Self-Cleaning Rotary Valve Airlock

Keeping the system operating when high-moisture and/or low quality coal is the fuel source being used can be extremely challenging. Furthermore, raw coal is generally delivered in varying sizes, which makes it difficult for most feeders to process. The Self-Cleaning Rotary Valve AIrlock is the perfect solution!
When Only the Very Best Will Do!

Heavy-Duty Screw Conveyors

Having a screw conveyor that can effectively handle the temperature and abrasiveness of the materials being used in the cement manufacturing process, while also achieving the necessary throughput is not only a requirement, it is THE STANDARD!

Precise Solutions

  • Eliminate Unscheduled Downtime! Material handling components that cause constant downtime can be extremely expensive. Deploy a PMM material handling solution combined with a rotating annual rebuild schedule and say "good bye" to unscheduled downtime. maintenance and rebuilding on your schedule.
  • Eliminate constant maintenance headaches! Many "off the shelf" airlocks do not take into consideration the unique aspects of the application and the material being conveyed. PMM takes the time to understand the application while ensuring we provide a solution and not just a product.
  • Excess Air Destroys Efficiency! Because "off the shelf" airlocks are built with subpar materials and poor manufacturing standards, the airlock functionality can be quite poor, which causes a number of challenges within the material handling system. PMM spends a tremendous amount of time ensuring that every rotary airlock feeder has the tightest possible clearances!
  • Superior Materials Make a Superior Rotary Airlock Feeder! All PMM Raw Mill Rotary Airlock Feeders are manufactured with a proprietary abrasion-resistant, through-hardened, 500 Brinell steel alloy. This provides maximum durability with little to no maintenance costs.
  • Rebuildable! All PMM material handling components are rebuildable! This provides a greater ROI over the life of the product and significantly reduces CAPEX purchases and overall maintenance costs.