Material Handling Challenges are now…

A thing of the Past!!

Don’t settle for the same old same old!

There is a better solution! You no longer have to keep using the same old costly system that is horrendous to maintain and causes unexpected downtime. There is a better solution!

Let us solve your most difficult applications. We move the product that the “other guys” pass on! An operation doesn’t stop just because the material is difficult to handle. Developing systems that move abrasive, hot, sticky, and corrosive materials is our specialty! The bottom line: Precision Machine & Manufacturing’s solutions run longer and more reliably than conventional rotary feeders, rotary valves, and screw conveyors.

Made in the USA! When you choose Precision Machine & Manufacturing, you are choosing the highest quality material handling solution in the industry and one that is hand-built right here in America! Throughout our organization are men and women who are extremely active within the local community. Some are volunteer firemen, others are youth coaches, and some are local volunteers helping in a variety of capacities. When you choose Precision Machine & Manufacturing, you are directly supporting the Buy American Act!

40+ Years of Experience has spanned a variety of industries!

cement plant


Whether you’re moving coal, alternative fuels, dust collection, silo discharge, kiln feed, or other high-volume, high-abrasion raw materials, Precision does it better.

Cement Solutions

mineral processing


Smartest solutions for pneumatic conveying, silo discharge, and dryer feeding; plus specialty products for precise handling of value-added minerals and granular products.

Mineral Processing Solutions

biomass power plant


Tolerating the toughest conditions, our abrasion-resistant fuel bin screws, transfer screws, feeders, ash handling, and boiler feed equipment consistently win customer accolades.

Biomass Solutions

Paper and pulp mill


Our solutions for chip and fiber handling excel with superior stainless steel construction. Our screw conveyors, feeders, and ash handlers streamline your powerhouse.

Pulp & Paper Solutions

coal power


Maximize your production and ROI with rotary valve solutions for DSI systems, proven lignite handling and abrasion-resistant rotary valves for pet coke.

Coal-Fired Power Solutions

wood products


Our step-ahead screw conveyors and feeders for fuel, chips, and fiber for co-generation, wood pellets, and charcoal/biochar are efficient and trouble-free.

Wood Products Solutions

Material Handling Components

PMCA Rotary Feeder

PMCA Rotary Feeder

PMV modular rotary valve

PMV Modular Rotary Valve

PMDS Self-Cleaning Rotary Valve cutaway 2

PMDS Self-Cleaning Rotary Valve

PMR Rotary Feeder

PMR Rotary Feeder

PMRD Rotary Feeder

PMRD Rotary Feeder

PMSE side-entry rotary valve

PMSE Rotary Valve

Micro Rotary Valve

Micro Valve

PMX Rotary Valve

PMX Rotary Valve

screw conveyor ash handling multiple

Screw Conveyors

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