Food & Agriculture Ingredient Processing

Put a PMM solution to work in your Food and/or Agriculture Ingredient processing plant and increase throughput while lowering those problematic material handling issues.

Perfect for Sticky & Low Moisture Materials

Self-Cleaning Rotary Valve Airlock

The Self-Cleaning Rotary Valve Airlock is the perfect metering airlock for the efficient handling of high-moisture materials that are subject to sticking, packing, and/or clogging the material handling system.
Wood, Organic and Alternative Fuel Materials

Rotary Feeder Airlock w/Knife

The Rotary Airlock Feeder w/Knife is both a metering device and an airlock. Equipped with a hardened tool steel knife so oversized organic materials are sheared to a common size before entering the delivery system. The Rotary Airlock Feeder with a hardened tool steel Knife is the preferred choice within agriculture processing industry.
Perfect for Eliminating Material Breakage

Side-Entry Rotary Valve Airlock

An offset or side-entry rotary valve airlock designed specifically to handle materials of relative uniform size while minimizing shearing and breakage of delicate, formed, molded, granular, or pelletized material types.
NFPA Compliant-Ideal for Abrasive Granular Materials

Extreme Duty Rotary Valve Airlock

An NFPA Compliant Rotary Valve Airlock manufactured specifically to efficiently and effectively handle granular and powdery substances, which may/may not have abrasive and/or corrosive characteristics.
High Volume Granular & Powdery Materials

Double Slope Rotary Feeder Airlock

A durable high-volume rotary airlock feeder manufactured specifically to handle massive amounts of low moisture granular and/or powdery materials types, are relatively uniform in size, and possess abrasive and/or corrosive characteristics.
Called Upon for the Most Difficult Applications

Heavy-Duty Screw Conveyors

No need to settle for an “off-the-shelf” Screw Conveyor when an upgrade is needed! Designed to meet the unique needs of the application and manufactured by hand to ensure the highest possible quality, PMMs screw conveyors are superior in every way to “off-the-shelf” augers.

Precise Solutions

  • Wood, organic material, or alternative fuels are No problem! Not all feeders are created equal! Precision feeders are able to process a variety of material types in varying sizes and with its hardened steel knife, all discharged materials are uniform in size, which eliminates persistent blockage issues.
  • Eliminate constant maintenance headaches. Many "off the shelf" airlocks do not take into consideration the unique aspects of the application and the material being conveyed. PMM takes the time to understand the application while ensuring we provide a solution and not just a product.
  • All PMM material handling components are rebuildable! This provides a greater ROI over the life of the product and significantly reduces CAPEX purchases and overall maintenance costs.
  • No "One Size Fits All" here at PMM! We closely evaluate every application and specify a material handling component that will propertly handle the material be conveyed while preciselyl delivering upon the throughput requirements of the application.
  • Feeding high moisture content materials into a dryer or blender? PMM can make the process more reliable with less sticking and clogging of hard-to-handle materials, while offering a superior airlock performance.
  • Made in America! All PMM material handling components and solutions are proudly manufactured in America by hard-working Americans whose goal every day is to provide our customers with a material handling component that is superior than the common cast-iron airlocks.