NFPA Compliant-Modular Rotary Valve Airlock

Maximum Functionality & Durability in a Rebuildable Rotary Valve

Simply put, in relation to airlock functionality, metering capabilities, and abrasion resistance, there is not a better rotary valve for powdery and granular materials in the world! Separating the upper and lower atmospheres through the absolute minimum rotor to barrel clearances, which can only be achieved through our proprietary manufacturing process, ensures minimal air blow by and maximum throughput.

Manufactured from an abrasion-resistant steel alloy and surface treated, which pushes the hardness rating to almost 60 Rockwell, makes this rotary valve the most durable valve available on the market today and the most sought after.

Functional Reliability in a Fully Modular and Completely Rebuildable Rotary Valve!