Biomass Power Generation & Wood Processing Since 1977!

Precision Machine & Manufacturing has been manufacturing extreme-duty material handling components for the Biomass Power Generation and Wood Processing industries for almost five decades. Deploy a PMM material handling solution in your operation and dramatically increase throughput while eliminating those troublesome maintenance issues!

Wood, Organic & Alternative Fuel Materials

Rotary Airlock Feeder w/Knife

Functionally, the PMR is both a metering device and an airlock. PMR valves are built for long, continuous operation with provisions for eventual rebuilding.
High Volumes of Fly, Pond & Bottom Ash

Double Slope Rotary Airlock Feeder

A durable high-capacity rotary feeder for handling dry powders, granular materials, small rocks, or other abrasive materials with relatively uniform material size and low moisture content. Offers an attractive capacity-for-cost ratio compared to tight-tolerance rotary valves. Functionally, both a metering device and an airlock.
Ideal for Sticky & Low Moisture Materials

Self-Cleaning Rotary Valve

Metering and airlock application for handling very large volumes of limestone and other raw materials. Typically used with a VRM (vertical roller mill).
NFPA Compliant- Perfect for Powdery and Granular Materials

Extreme Duty Rotary Valve Airlock

A superior, long-lived modular rotary valve for metering and airlock applications handling powders or small granules. It offers unmatched durability compared to competing solutions and is engineered and built for the most difficult applications in a plant.
The Ideal Solution for Delicate & Breakable Materials

Side-Entry Rotary Valve Airlock

A long-lived offset or side-entry rotary valve designed to minimize shearing and breakage in the handling of delicate, formed, molded, granular, or pelletized materials. Functionally, PMSE valves are both a metering device and an airlock.
Called Upon for the Most Difficult Applications

Extreme Duty Screw Conveyors

No need to settle for an “off-the-shelf” solution, when you can have a customized screw conveyor that will perform better and last longer – for the same cost!

Precision Solutions

  • Contaminants in your fuel? No problem! We get it. Contaminant-free fuel is getting to be harder to find. Your processes now have to tolerate high levels of sand or foreign objects. We can help you select solutions that are more resilient and reliable.
  • Maximizing revenue per pound of fuel through process efficiency.Squeeze the most electricity possible out of from the fuel you use. Precision equipment is a key ingredient in your profit margins.
  • Upgrade to the latest technology. . A lot has changed since your plant was constructed. Let us guide you to the latest innovations in fuel handling.
  • Control maintenance costs. Stay predictably under budget. Stop spending the same money on the same problems every year. Precision solutions reduce recurring expenses and reduce the manhours required for periodic maintenance.
  • Precision solutions are inherently rebuildable. No need to always buy new. Save cost and maintain equivalent performance.
  • Precision’s systems and processes provide faster deliveries and fewer spares. When it’s time to rebuild or replace, Precision gets you the right solution, on YOUR schedule. No need to wait 10+ weeks for a replacement. We’re nearby and ready to go to work for you. No need to carry excess spares