Heavy-Duty Screw Conveyors-When all other options have failed!

An engineered solution built to perform long after all the others have come to rest!

Designed to meet the very specific and unique needs of YOUR APPLICATION!

PMM Screw Conveyors are the optimum choice when common “off-the-shelf” screw augers continue to prematurely fail!

Because PMM Augers are application-specific, everything about the auger is precisely engineered and constructed to meet the specifications of the application, including the materials being used for manufacturing! Regardless of whether the application calls for hard-facing of the auger flights, adding additional armor to wear zones, and/or manufacturing the entire auger from abrasion-resistant 500-600 Brinell steel alloy. Whatever the application calls for, you can be confident that your new screw conveyor will perform!

When Durability and Functionality Matter the Most-Look to PMM’s Screw Conveyors!