Precision started in 1977. In the years since the company’s humble origins as a small machine shop supporting the local wood products industry, PMM has grown rapidly and become a major player within the material handling industry.

Today, PMM is a leading supplier of extreme-duty bulk material handling components for industrial manufacturing operations within the following industries: Biomass & Coal Fired Power Generation, Cement Manufacturing, Wood, Minerals, Metals, Plastics, Chemical Processing, and Pulp & Paper Manufacturing to name a few. We tackle the most challenging material handling issues and pride ourselves on providing a superior solution than what is commonly available within the industry.

Precision Machine & Manufacturing specializes in developing solutions that not only successfully address problem areas, while also ensuring unexpected downtime and rising maintenance costs are a thing of the past!

Abrasive materials, elevated temperatures, corrosive materials, high-volume throughput? Just another day at the office for PMM! Rotary Valves Airlocks, Heavy-Duty Screw Conveyors, and Rotary Airlock Feeders that are designed to significantly outlast the competition, and improve throughput, while decreasing energy cost and improving functionality are what we hang our hat on!

We’re very proud that every product we build is 100% Made in the USA. We believe in innovation and development. We excel in solving new, challenging applications for our customers and all we ask is that you give us an opportunity and we guarantee you will be glad that you did!

Thank you for your interest in Precision Machine & Manufacturing!