Side-Entry Rotary Valve Airlock- The Perfect Solution For Delicate Materials!

A robust side-entry rotary valve airlock designed to minimize shearing and breakage of delicate materials such as dog food, animal treats, plastic pellets, ceramic and/or glass beads. Engineered with a unique side-entry inlet, which allows the material to glide gently into the rotor’s pockets from an angle, instead of a vertical drop. This change in how the material enters the airlock significantly reduces breakage and cracking.

Like all of PMM’s rotary valve airlocks, the side-entry rotary valve airlock is NFPA compliant and is manufactured from an abrasion-resistant steel alloy that is through-hardened to 500 Brinell. Increasing the durability further, we surface-treat the material to drive the hardness to nearly 60 Rockwell. There is not a more durable and functional rotary valve airlock available in the industry today.

Product breakage & loss due to processing are now a thing of the past!