Precision Screw Conveyors

Precision’s Screw Conveyors are the ultimate screw conveyor solution!
Custom engineered, abrasion-resistant and built for extreme-duty
performance. When standard, run of the mill screw conveyors
continue to cause unscheduled down-time, it’s time for a
solution from Precision Machine & Manufacturing!


What Makes Our Screw Conveyors Work




Screw conveyor flights come in a variety of sizes, pitches and types. In addition, they can be built from a variety of material types. Every flight is built specifically to meet the requirements of the material being conveyed.



Shaft size and material type vary with every screw conveyor and are specifically chosen to meet the throughput requirements of the application and to support the material being conveyed.



Every screw conveyor is manufactured with the ability to be rebuilt. Rebuilding a screw conveyor allows the unit to be reconditioned, refreshed and reused much less expensive than the original purchase price!


Upgrades & Accessories

A variety of upgradeable options exist ranging from specific coatings to material types.


USA Manufactured

Every screw conveyor is meticulously manufactured in the United State of America with materials sourced form this great land!



Only the very best gear motors are used to power Precision Screw Conveyors! Each gearmotor is specifically selected to meet the throughput needs of the application!



Every screw conveyor is designed and hand built specifically to meet the needs of the application. We do not sell standards screws, only customized conveyor solutions!


HD Bearings:

Equipped with high load outboard tapered roller bearings, which are heavy-duty, industrial grade to ensure proper shaft alignment.


Trough Systems

Precisely manufactured to meet the specifics of the application. Open troughs, closed troughs or something different. Precision Machine & Manufacturing can build it.


Key Advantages

Every screw conveyor is designed specifically to meet the specific demands of the application! No two applications are the same and this is why we believe, no two screws should be either! Every screw conveyor is engineered to meet the throughput requirements of the specific application and constructed of abrasion and resistant materials to ensure functionality while moving the most challenging materials.

Our screw conveyors just work!

Because we do not take a “one size fits all approach,” Precision Screw Conveyors simply outlast and outperform competitive screws in every way! Each and every screw conveyor is custom engineered to meet the specific needs of the individual application. Due to our “solutions-driven” mindset, we take the time to specifically choose material that will maximize longevity while building in specific features so the appropriate level of functionality and throughput are achieved. Simply put, Precision Machine & Manufacturing Screw Conveyors out-performs any other screw conveyor on the market!

Precision Screw Conveyors

Precision Machine & Manufacturing’s Focused Industries

  • Pulp
  • Cement
  • Biomass
  • Coal
  • Food
  • Metals

Designed For Performance.Built To Last.

  • Full-pitch screws engineered for relatively light loading of 25-30%.
  • Hard-facing on flights and pipe is typically not required; carbon steel pipe with wall thickness capable of minimal deflection is usually enough.
  • Mild steel flights wear out too quickly in most applications; upgrade to AR400 or Tri-Braze flights is recommended with Tri-Braze the preference for ash with high silica content.
  • Precision-bored pipe with matched bushings are a must for straight-running screws.

Technical Specifications

MATERIAL TYPES Fly ash at a typical bulk density of 30-45 lbs/ft³ with a very small/fine particle size distribution; little to no foreign, non-ash material; temperatures typically in the range of 250° F.
Bottom ash at an approximate bulk density of 40-45 lbs./ft³; granular structure, often with chunks and, in some fluidized-bed boiler systems, fused glass clinkers; typically, much hotter than fly ash with temperature in the range of 600-700° F or more
POWER REQUIREMENTS Drive motors powered by
230/460V 3Ph 60Hz
575V 3Ph 60Hz
Other voltages and frequencies available
Zero speed sensors operate at control voltage
VFD’s operate single-phase up to system voltage.
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Precision Machine & Manufacturing offers a Component Rebuild Program that can cost as little as 75% of a new component.

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Precision Machine & Manufacturing offers a Component Rebuild Program that can cost as little as 75% of a new component.

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