Screw Conveyors

No need to settle for an “off-the-shelf” solution, when you can have a customized screw conveyor that will perform better and last longer – for the same cost!

Conveyor Screws

Our experts work to understand the specific needs of your application: dimensional constraints, heavy loads, unusual temperature or moisture content, long distances, high wear, or other unique factors. Then we recommend a solution optimized for your application.

The Precision “toolkit” includes decades of engineering and application expertise, high-quality construction with Precision Predictable Performance™, on-time delivery, and a full range of customization options.

How We Can Help You Get a Better Solution

Your Requirements

We like to ask a lot of questions up front so we know how to solve your challenge. Our application experts will:

  • Collect information on desired throughput rate and bulk density of the product and any important characteristics – temperature, abrasiveness, particle sizes, moisture content.
  • Carefully note the physical dimensions to be addressed – conveying distance, incline or decline, number and location of inlets and discharges.
  • Understand your required duty cycle and the plant’s operating cycle including the timing of annual outages, scheduled maintenance, or seasonal operating peaks.
  • Review existing drawings, if any, and a conversation about deficiencies to be addressed.
  • Perform a site visit, where necessary to verify specific details and plan implementation.

Alternatives and Insights

Precision develops design alternatives that conform to our engineering standards and to the project requirements and objectives; can include preliminary sketches of the recommended solution.

A Firm Detailed Proposal

Precision develops a detailed proposal, which can include options that would provide longer life or better performance or which address budget constraints.

Approved by You, On YOUR Schedule

An Approval Drawing is issued by Precision upon order receipt; material purchasing and production scheduling begins once an approved design is agreed.

Advantages of a Custom Solution

  • Designed-to-fit solution minimizes time and difficulty during installation.
  • Exceptionally straight-running screws (TIR of < 0.010” at the shafts and 1/16” at mid-span) to minimize deflective wear on troughs and on bushings, bearings and trough ends.
  • Straight-running, properly-designed screws draw significantly less power – up to 50% less depending on the comparison.
screw conveyor brochure

Download the Precision Screw Conveyor brochure (PDF).

How We Build Screw Conveyors Better

  • The incoming pipe is sandblasted to remove grit, varnish, and contaminants to create a perfect weld surface.
  • Custom-designed flight dies, built in-house, allow us to accurately, repeatedly press flights for any engineered configuration.
  • Flights are attached to the pipe using 100% continuous welding on both the leading and trailing edge of each flight; no stitch or skip welding.
  • Bore both ends of every pipe to a “cleaned up” diameter and machine, in-house, a matching bushing for a shrink-fit; then we face-weld or a plug-weld to bond the bushing securely to the pipe.
  • Screws are straightened using dial indicators in multiple locations.
Twin Woodyard Screw and Trough
Twin Woodyard Screw and Trough
Tri-Braze Wear Resistant Fuel Bin Screws
Tri-Braze Wear Resistant Fuel Transfer Screws
Tri-Braze Fuel Bin Screws
Tri-Braze Fuel Bin Screws
Notched and Folded Mixing Steam Screws
Notched and Folded Mixing Steam Screws
Double Flighted Stainless Steel Ribbon Mixing Screws
Double Flighted Stainless Steel Ribbon Mixing Screws

Let our applications specialists help you with your extreme-duty bulk material handling needs.