With nearly thirty years of screw conveyor design and manufacturing experience, Precision can tackle almost anything.  We supply complete conveyors – screws, troughs, and drive – individual screws, individual troughs, or replacement flights.  We can build an exact duplicate of your existing screw conveyor or you can tell us what performance improvements you’d like to see and we’ll custom-engineer a new solution.  Or, tell us about your material handling challenge and we’ll design a system starting from a blank page.

Our area of expertise is the difficult and challenging applications – abrasive materials, long single span screws, large diameter screws or flights, and specialty flight configurations or specialty materials.  If you need more life out of your screw conveyors or if you want better material feeding and flow, tell us about your requirements and we’ll find a solution.

We’ve learned what it takes to make long-life screws – how to select the right materials of construction, how to bore and bush the pipe so that the screw turns with very little run-out, and how to add cladding or hard-facing to counteract abrasion or corrosion.  The range of materials that we use is wide – mild steel, various grades of stainless steel, Tri-Braze abrasion-resistant steel, and Super C carbide-overlay steel plus many others. 

We manufacture our own flights and work with precise tolerances for outside diameter, pitch, and run-out.  Our machining capabilities mean that we can build very straight screws and precisely-dimensioned drive, tail, and coupling shafts.