Technical Evaluation Service

Learn the condition of your rotary valves, feeders, and airlocks.

Technical Evaluation Service

Cement plant operators know that regularly assessing and maintaining equipment is crucial for ensuring smooth operations. Precision now offers a comprehensive on-site Technical Evaluation Service (TES) to review and document the condition of your facility’s rotary valves, feeders, and airlocks—whether they’re built by Precision or by other manufacturers. Let our technical support professionals help you keep your plant functioning at its best.

We conceived our TES program to provide expert assistance to maintenance departments. Because our technicians are not salespeople they stay objective at all times and will never tell you that all equipment built by someone other than Precision should be replaced. These experts will provide you with an honest overview of the state of your essential equipment.

What’s more, we’re not in the business of grading or evaluating maintenance practices or people. We work for your maintenance department and our reports will only be shared with that department.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Who does the evaluation?
Precision’s technical service personnel have years of experience building, rebuilding, assessing, and trouble-shooting issues with rotary valves and feeders. All of our technicians have worked in Precision’s fabrication and final assembly departments and bring valuable first-hand knowledge and skills to every evaluation.
Q.What deliverable will we receive?
Every evaluation includes a comprehensive summary report covering basic information about the equipment, a full appraisal of the current condition of the rotary valves and feeders, and recommendations for maintenance  and follow-up actions as needed. We aim to issue reports within 7-10 calendar days following site visits. Click here for a sample of a completed TES report.
Q.What does this TES cost?
During the initial rollout we are providing the TES program free of charge. Once the service has been fully introduced, a nominal fee will be assessed.
Q.What equipment can be included in Precision’s TES?
We’ll evaluate any type of rotary feeder, rotary valve, or airlock of any make, from the smallest dust collector valves to the largest raw mill or finish mill feeder.
Q.What tools are used to do the evaluations?
Precision technicians will arrive at your plant with a full set of the gauges and instruments necessary to perform a complete quantitative assessment of your equipment, including UT gauges, temperature sensors, borescopes, thermal imagers, sniffers, and related tools.
Q.What certifications do the TES technicians have?
All of our technicians have received training and certification under the Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration program, MSHA Part 46. In addition, our experts have been trained and certified in first aid and CPR by the Red Cross. Precision carries worker’s compensation and general liability insurance on all personnel, and the policies provide full coverage when our employees are working at customer sites.
Q.What about PPE and safety gear?
TES technicians will arrive with full personal protective equipment, including vests, hardhats, steel-toe boots, gloves, long-sleeve shirts, hearing protection, and masks. We also provide our own locks for lock-outs and tag-outs. Our technicians will complete your organization’s company-wide and site-specific online safety training courses in advance if they’re offered.
Q.What will your technician need from our plant’s team?
We like to gain an understanding of the equipment you’d like us to evaluate prior to our on-site arrival. For some applications, including raw mill feeders and finish mill feeders, we request details such as the date of installation and the number of operating hours and tonnage handled since installation. Upon arrival, our TES expert will hold a short (10-15 minute) meeting to make a game-plan for the assessments and discuss any specific safety or hazard topics. Depending on plant rules and standards, Precision’s technicians normally operate unescorted. After the evaluation, the technician will hold another short meeting to provide a verbal overview and update on findings.
Q.How do I learn more about Precision’s TES? How do I get my plant scheduled onto the TES calendar?
Fill out the form below or email us at with your questions or to request scheduling. We will respond immediately and look forward to serving you.

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