Screw Conveyor Rebuilding

Every screw conveyor application is different and the equipment wears out at different rates and in different ways. Typical repair needs include:

  • Flight OD worn down, resulting in reduced capacity.
  • Missing or broken flights, resulting in uneven conveying.
  • Broken drive or tail shafts
  • Pipe worn thin at the infeed
screw rebuilding

​These and other conditions can be cost-effectively refurbished.  In addition to repairing or replacing broken or worn components, a Precision rebuild includes straightening the screw which improves power consumption and can reduce wear in the trough.

rebuilding screw conveyors
broken screw

During the evaluation, Precision can often suggest material upgrades or design changes to eliminate chronic, recurring failures or wear to maximize run-time and productivity.

rebuilt screw conveyors
rebuilt screws shipping