PMX Rotary Valve

A medium-duty, cast-iron rotary valve designed for dust collection and other moderate-duty applications handling dry powders. Available from 6” to 22’ for a wide range of capacities.

With both round and square inlet and discharge versions, PMX valves are a ready replacement for a wide variety of commodity rotary valves from competitors.

PMX Rotary Valve

Common Applications

  • Dust collection
  • Process baghouse
  • Fly ash
  • Lime
  • Calcium carbonate

Key Advantages

Upgraded shaft seal design that outperforms standard packing arrangements found in most commodity rotary valves – reduces dust leakage resulting in a cleaner operating area.

Compliant with NFPA 69.

Beveled rotor vanes, chrome-plated housing, and closed-end rotors as standard equipment make an off-the-shelf PMX a good fit for a wide variety of applications and materials.

Problems Solved

As an upgraded alternative to throw-away commodity rotary valves, PMX valves provide longer operating cycles and can reduce the investment needed in spares compared to commodity valves.

The upgraded T4 shaft seal cuts down on the frequent adjustment and service needed with the pressed packing seals commonly found on commodity valves.

How It Works

Cast iron housing and cast iron endbells are precision-machined for a tight fit and effective seal to minimize leakage.

Each end bell is machined to receive the T4 shaft seal with three grooves in each shaft boss to carry the Viton or nitrile Quad-Ring seals that are installed on the glandless Teflon sleeve.  No adjustment of any part of this shaft seal is required.

The housing barrel and inside of each end bells are overlaid with industrial hard chrome for extended durability.

All PMX valves are equipped with a fabricated MS 8-vane, closed end rotor with beveled rotor tips (CCW).

Sealed-for-life bearings installed outboard of the housing to isolate heat, dust, or contaminants.

Nord shaft-mounted gear-motor drive packages for clean, safe installations providing direct application of power with options for variable speeds and other functions.

Options and Upgrades Available

Both square and round inlet and outlet flanges to facilitate easy replacement of existing rotary valves.

Factory- or field-installed air purge for valves feeding pneumatic conveying lines.

Technical Specifications

Material TypesParticle sizes typically less than 4¼” in the major dimension up to 2-3” for applications feeding raw coal to a mill.
Moisture content typically less than 5%.
Compatible with product temperatures up to 750° F.
PMX’s are not compatible with USDA or FDA food-grade requirements.
Power RequirementsDrive motors powered by
230/460V 3Ph 60Hz
575V 3Ph 60Hz
Other voltages and frequencies available

Zero speed sensors operate at control voltage.
VFD’s operate single-phase up to system voltage.

Let our applications specialists help you with your extreme-duty bulk material handling needs.