Fuel Handling Screw Conveyors

Fuel bin and transport screws for moving mixed, wood-based fuels from storage to the boiler or kiln. Designed for holding up to abrasive, poor-quality fuels, Precision’s fuel handling screws are built for extreme-duty and to run from outage-to-outage with no downtime. 

Since every biomass, co-generation, and alternative fuel system is different, Precision fuel handling screws are customized to the lengths, diameters, loads, and fuel types found in the different plants.

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Common Applications

  • Fuel bin screws – standard fuels
  • Fuel bin screws – challenging fuels
  • Fuel transfer screws
  • Under-pile reclaimer screws
  • Biomass-fired power generation
  • Sawmill / board plant co-generation
  • Pulp & paper co-generation
  • Cement alternative fuels

Key Advantages

  • Materials and designs for outage-to-outage operation with no downtime; depending on the application, 2-3 years between rebuilds for most fuel bin applications and 1-2 years for larger transfer screws.
  • Upgraded materials of construction are common: AR400, Tri-Braze, or Super-C flights; supplementary chromium carbide or other hard-facing added to pipe or flights in high-wear areas.
  • Exceptionally straight-running screws (TIR of < 0.010” at the shafts and 1/16” at mid-span) to minimize deflective wear on troughs and on bushings, bearings, and trough ends.
  • Straight-running, properly-designed screws draw significantly less power – up to 50% less depending on the comparison.
  • Long, single-span designs so that hangers aren’t necessary.
screw conveyor brochure

Download the Precision Screw Conveyor brochure (PDF).

Problems Solved

Abrasive applications where “off the shelf” screws wear out too quickly; increasing cost of ownership, threatening unplanned downtime, and/or disrupting power or steam production.

How It Works

Custom engineered screws, troughs, and drives; tell us what you’d like to improve your existing system or give us the general parameters of whatever new system you have in mind.

Options and Upgrades Available

Each screw conveyor is designed as a specific solution to the needs of your plant using Precision’s decades of experience with a wide range of fuel types and loads.

Technical Specifications

CategoryTechnical Specification
Material TypesAll types of wood-based fuels: wood chips, bark, ag waste, construction and demolition waste, saw dust, other mill wastes including trim.

Plastic-based fuel streams, including shredded products, carpet fibers, trim, etc.
TDF, tire shreds, tire crumb
Power RequirementsDrive motors powered by
230/460V 3Ph 60Hz
575V 3Ph 60Hz
Other voltages and frequencies available

Let our applications specialists help you with your extreme-duty bulk material handling needs.