PMV Modular Rotary Valve

PMV Modular Rotary Valve

Experience what a revolution in design can do for your operation.  The modular design of our rotary valve makes service and repair a snap.  The materials and workmanship provide the tight tolerance and long-lasting durability that you need from a metering or airlock device.

PMR Rotary Feeder

PMR Rotary Feeder

The PMR rotary feeder combines a stationary tool-steel knife and a rotor with helical vanes to provide a shearing action for cutting off oversized materials in a feedstock, minimizing jamming or interruption of the feed. Functionally, the PMR is both a metering device and an airlock. PMR feeders are built for long, continuous operation with provisions for eventual rebuilding.

PMDS Self-Cleaning Rotary Valve

PMDS Self-Cleaning Rotary Valve cutaway 2

A Self-Cleaning Rotary Valve? Absolutely!
Material build-up in the pockets of rotary valve can be a real problem. Throughput can be reduced or become inconsistent. You’ve got to stop production and clean it out. The Precision PMDS Self-Cleaning rotary valve is a reliable, trouble-free solution to this problem.

PMRD Rotary Valve

PMRD Rotary Feeder

A durable high-capacity rotary feeder for handling dry powders, granular materials, small rocks, or other abrasive materials with relatively uniform material size and low moisture content. Offers an attractive capacity-for-cost ratio compared to tight-tolerance rotary valves. Functionally, both a metering device and an airlock.

PMCA Rotary Feeders

PMCA Rotary Feeder

Feeding raw materials and clinker in a cement manufacturing plant is a demanding job.  Huge volumes of abrasive materials and 24/7 operation for months at a time add up to a real challenge for rotary feeders.  Precision’s PMCA family of feeders were specifically designed for these tough conditions.

Fuel Handling Screw Conveyors

Conveyor Screws

Fuel bin and transport screws for moving mixed, wood-based fuels from storage to the boiler or kiln. Designed for holding up to abrasive, poor-quality fuels, Precision’s fuel handling screws are built for extreme-duty and to run from outage-to-outage with no downtime.

Ash Handling Screw Conveyors

screw conveyor ash handling multiple

Extreme-duty, abrasion-resistant screw conveyors for moving fly ash and bottom ash away from boilers. Fly ash at 250° F and bottom ash at 600-700° F require materials and designs that tolerate continuous exposure to elevated temperatures.

PMSE Side Entry Valve

PMSE side-entry rotary valve

A long-lived offset or side-entry rotary valve designed to minimize shearing and breakage in the handling of delicate, formed, molded, granular, or pelletized materials. Functionally, PMSE valves are both a metering device and an airlock.

PMX Rotary Valve

PMX Rotary Valve

A high-capacity rotary feeder for introducing cement raw materials, principally quarried limestone, into a vertical roller mill (VRM) or another type of raw mill. U


Micro Rotary Valve

The Precision Micro-Valve’s innovative design was developed to handle small to medium applications. It is ideal for metering a precise amount of an additive to an in-process application.

Let our applications specialists help you with your extreme-duty bulk material handling needs.