Launching the Technical Evaluation Service (TES) program at the start of 2021 has been a big hit with our customers! As we surveyed the industry, we found that there are lots of companies selling products but there are very few companies developing solutions. It is because of this and our desire to help our customers eliminate the most difficult material handling challenges, that we created the Technical Evaluation Service program. Anyone can sell products but it takes a true partner who can help provide a solution! This is where Precision Machine & Manufacturing comes in!

Technical Evaluation Service (TES) was designed to be a “boots on the ground” initiative, providing in-depth, on-site evaluations of the material handling components in operation such as feeders, airlocks, valves, and screw conveyors. This in-depth analysis allows Precision Machine & Manufacturing’s highly trained technical staff to come alongside of a plant’s maintenance team and work closely with them to better understand the challenges created by component failures, inoperable or inefficient processes and/or underperforming equipment. The TES program works hand in hand with preventive maintenance initiatives currently underway and takes important steps towards eliminating costly unscheduled downtime while also providing extensive information about the efficiency of the components and processes that keep the materials flowing throughout the plant.

We understand there may be a number of processes and components not manufactured by Precision Machine & Manufacturing. However, plant managers can rest easy knowing that components manufactured by the “other” guys will not phase the TES team one bit! As a matter of fact, it is for this reason, the TES program exists in the first place!  Our customers were raising significant concerns regarding the material handling processes where PMM components are NOT being used. It was for this reason that we made the decision to offer TES site surveys to the entire plant operation, including non-PMM components and not limited to processes containing equipment manufactured by PMM.  

Precision Machine & Manufacturing: Technical Evaluation Service (TES):


The Technical Evaluation Service (TES) provides industry plant and maintenance managers with an opportunity to have a highly-experienced factory-trained representative on-site and evaluating each separate material handling system along with the related components in operation.  


At the conclusion of the evaluation, a detailed report will provide plant management and maintenance teams with an impartial independent perspective of the inspected material handling processes. TES reports are extremely comprehensive and have helped to identify the early signs of component failure and provides a number of suggested improvements to increase efficiency, eliminate material waste and reduce unscheduled down-time. In addition, TES reports help to anticipate and forecast maintenance costs and identify capital equipment improvements.

TES Technical Manager:

Steve Bonini- Steve has 20+ years of working knowledge and experience. Steve is well versed in the type of equipment being used throughout the industry and provides an independent review of each plant’s material handling processes. Steve’s approach is very simple and he approaches each plant from this perspective: “If I owned this plant, what are the things that I would personally do to improve the flow of material?” This simple question is what drives Steve to dive into the tightest of quarters and measure the most minute spaces.  His goal is first and foremost, to help the customer make the most educated decision possible and he treats each operation just as if it was his own!

Site Visits/Survey Timeframe:

Site surveys can take anywhere from 1-3 days depending upon the type and amount of equipment, accessibility and overall condition. 

TES Report:

Within 7-10 working days, an extensive, independent and impartial report will be provided, which will include the specific evaluations and any suggested improvements.

Frequency of TES Surveys:

PMM only offers two TES surveys per month so availability is limited. As soon as the plant outage dates are established, we always recommend calling ahead and having the site visit scheduled.

Tools, Safety Gear & Training:

TES Technicians will arrive on-site with the tools and safety gear needed to safely & properly evaluate the equipment in operation.

  • TES Techs are MSHA part 46 certified.
  • TES Techs will comply with any/all customer company-wide training programs for site access.

Customer Responsibility-

Prior to the on-site visit, provide a general overview of the equipment being evaluated including the following information:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Size
  • Material going through it.
  • Amount of time each component has been in-service.
  • Installed and/or rebuilt dates.
  • Detailed information regarding any current challenges.

Customer Responsibility-

During the visit, provide access to the equipment and processes being utilized.

  • Provide site access
  • Introduce TES technicians to the appropriate company personnel.
  • Make technicians aware of any hazards and/or concerns.
  • Provide access to components and initiate all necessary lock out/tag out policies.


Upon arriving on-site, TES technicians will meet with the plant and maintenance teams to discuss the game plan and establish the method of operation. During this time, the team will discuss:

  • Any potential hazards and/or concerns and agree upon start/finish times.
  • Establish a time for the wrap up meeting.
  • How movement throughout the plant and among the material processing system will be governed.
    • Generally, while on-site TES technicians normally operate on-site with minimal supervision
  • Review Log Out/Tag Out processes.


At the conclusion of the survey, a TES technician will have a brief meeting to provide an overview of the findings and discuss any high-level observations. A more thorough and detailed report will be sent 7-10 working days later.

  • Wrap up meeting attendees: Maintenance Manager, Plant Superintendent and the TES company point of contact.

Cost: There is NO COST to the customer.

Call 541-484-9841 to schedule your onsite Technical Evaluation Survey today!


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