Pulp & Paper Manufacturing Material Handling

Put a PMM solution to work in your Pulp & Paper operation and increase throughput while lowering those problematic material handling issues.

Wood, Organic and Alternative Fuel Materials

Rotary Airlock Feeder w/Knife

Functionally, Precision’s Rotary Feeder is both a metering device and an airlock. Precision Rotary Feeders are built for long, continuous operation with provisions for eventual rebuilding.
High-Volume Granular, Powdery & Ash Materials

Double Slope Rotary Airlock Feeder

A durable high-capacity rotary feeder for handling dry powders, granular materials, small rocks, or other abrasive materials with relatively uniform material size and low moisture content. Offers an attractive capacity-for-cost ratio compared to tight-tolerance rotary valves. Functionally, both a metering device and an airlock.
Ideal Solution for Low Moisture Materials

Self-Cleaning Rotary Valve Airlock

Metering and airlock application for handling very large volumes of limestone and other raw materials. Typically used with a VRM (vertical roller mill).
NFPA Compliant-Perfect for Granular & Powdery Materials

Extreme Duty Rotary Valve Airlock

A superior, long-lived modular rotary valve for metering and airlock applications handling powders or small granules. It offers unmatched durability compared to competing solutions and is engineered and built for the most difficult applications in a plant.
When Material Breakage is an Issue

Side-Entry Rotary Valve Airlock

A long-lived offset or side-entry rotary valve designed to minimize shearing and breakage in the handling of delicate, formed, molded, granular, or pelletized materials. Functionally, PMSE valves are both a metering device and an airlock.
Called Upon for the Most Difficult Applications

Extreme Duty Screw Conveyors

No need to settle for an “off-the-shelf” solution, when you can have a customized screw conveyor that will perform better and last longer – for the same cost

Precision Solutions

  • Custom engineered to your application – at an “off the shelf” price! Let the experts at Precision design custom conveying systems to move your materials accurately and reliably. Just supply us with your design parameters to receive practical advice and industry-leading solutions.
  • Maximize your revenue with greater reliability and constant uptime. Precision equipment is a key ingredient in your profit margins and competitive edge.
  • Yes, we rebuild equipment, including screw conveyors made by others.. Extend the life of large and expensive screw conveyors with rebuilding instead of total replacement. We can help you compare the costs of rebuild vs. replacement so you can meet your budgets.
  • Precision’s systems and processes systems and processes provide faster deliveries and fewer sparesWhen it’s time to rebuild or replace, Precision gets you the right solution, on YOUR schedule. No need to wait 10+ weeks for a replacement. We’re nearby and ready to go to work for you. No need to carry excess spares.
  • Make tight maintenance budgets go further. Trouble-free equipment that requires minimal maintenance makes sense in today’s operating environment. Let Precision customize a solution to your wood-feeding headaches – and stay under budget!
  • Contaminants in your wood? No problem!We can help you implement material handling equipment that tolerates debris and foreign objects without excess wear or breakdowns.