At Precision, we listen very carefully to our customers and are committed to developing solutions to unique challenges.  This attitude led to the development of our PMSE side-entry rotary valve for gently handling formed, granular, or pelletized products.  Our customers wanted a durable, rugged piece of equipment that would handle these products with minimal damage.

The indirect inlet in the PMSE routes the flow of material to the side where the rotor pockets can fill with minimal shattering and almost no shearing action at the rotor turns.  The side entry feature is particularly useful when the material being fed is under a “head” or pressure from above.

The fabricated valve body of the PMSE is precision-machined to thousandths of-an-inch-tolerances.  The rotor is an eight-vane, closed end style like our flagship PMV rotary valves.  The adjustable orifice plate in the inlet, which can be either rectangular, V-shaped, or a reversed chevron, helps maintain control over the flow of materials into the rotor.

The PMSE is available in a Severe Duty configuration (barrel and rotor constructed of Tri-Braze Dura Plus steel) or a number of stainless steel options.

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