As strong and reliable as Precision’s PMV rotary valves are, they won’t work without a drive system.  Some of our customers prefer to re-use an existing drive if they have one, but more and more frequently we are asked to provide a drive package.  We have very high confidence in the NORD shaft-mounted gear-motors.

Precision has offered NORD drives with the PMV rotary valves for over a dozen years.  We were attracted to the simplicity, robustness, and the deep line-up of speeds and torque ratings of the NORD product line.  Over the years, we have had virtually zero field issues.

Our customers like the clean, compact installations.  For most applications no complex guards are required as the NORD / PMV combination has no exposed rotating parts.  The Precision-designed drive mounting bracket is a simple, bolt-on solution that adds almost nothing to the installation “envelope.”

NORD’s SK series gearboxes are available in a wide variety of RPM offerings matched to typical PMV speeds and include double- and triple-reduction gear sets to allow us to fine-tune the PMV rotor speed to the customer’s application.  The hollow-bore construction makes gearbox installation and removal on the PMV simple and straightforward.

Almost all of the electric motors supplied with the SK series gearboxes are Inverter/Vector Duty in either standard efficiency or premium efficiency versions.  We like the ability to adjust the rotor speed by controlling the motor speed with a NORD variable frequency drive (VFD.)  Motors equipped with a NORD VFD can be adjusted to +/- 50% of rated speed which allows our customers to adjust the PMV throughput to match production requirements.  All voltages are available and, in the past year, Precision has sold motors with HP ratings from 0.16 to 20.00.

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