Wood Products

For decades, Precision has been the performance leader in bulk materials handling equipment for the wood products industries. No other supplier has done more to make equipment more reliable, drive more uptime and grow our customers’ ROI. Here are a few things that set us apart.

Control maintenance costs. Stay predictably under budget.  Stop spending the same money on the same problems every year.  Invest your capital budget into solutions with a real ROI. Precision solutions reduce recurring expenses and reduce the man-hours required for periodic maintenance.

Precision’s systems and processes systems and processes provide faster deliveries and fewer spares.  When it’s time to rebuild or replace, Precision gets you the right solution, on YOUR schedule. No need to wait 10+ weeks for a replacement. We’re nearby and ready to go to work for you.  No need to carry excess spares.  

Helping particleboard, MDF, and OSB, and other engineered wood panel producers achieve higher ROI.  Precision produces feeders that can be used in every facet of your operation. They’re longer life, rebuildable and require less maintenance while running and during periodic shutdowns.  Let us show you the math. We can save you time and money.

High heat for charcoal and biochar production – not a problem! Precision specializes in extreme conditions: heat, abrasive materials, and long-run cycles.  Whether you’re feeding an infeed or outfeed furnace, or a torrefier reactor, our experts can design a high-performance screw conveyor that performs and meets your budget.  We help you meet growing production targets. 

We help you meet growing production targets. Our wood pellet customers always say “more”.  We say “of course”!  We understand that the demand for pellets is growing rapidly. Hitting production targets is a daily “must-do”. We offer rotary feeders and screw conveyors uniquely adapted to wood pellet operations – most frequently around the dryer and also elsewhere. We can help you run continuously without unplanned downtime.