Control Maintenance Costs By Rebuilding Your Rotary Feeder

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If you’re like most maintenance planners and maintenance managers, you’ve never heard the words, “Your budget for next year includes a generous increase.”  Instead, the pressure is always on to do more with fewer dollars.  No matter if production will be increasing over last year or that all the equipment in your plant is now another year older.

rotary feeder rebuilding

Stretching maintenance budgets usually requires a certain amount of creativity and new thinking.  One option that you may not have considered is rebuilding your rotary feeders rather than buying new equipment to replace the old.

Depending on the scope of the repairs, rebuilding costs can be as little as 60% of the price of a new feeder.  All of our feeder rebuilds carry the same one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship as our new-production feeders. 

We’re not just talking about Precision-built feeders either.  We regularly rebuild feeders that were originally manufactured by others.

rotary feeder rebuilt stage

The process starts with a no-cost disassembly, evaluation, and estimate of the repairs needed to put your feeder back into like-new operating condition. 

Interested in learning more?  Visit our feeder rebuilding page for a detailed description of the process or send us a message and one of our applications specialists can walk you through the process.

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