The Precision Advantage

the precision advantage

What you can expect when doing business with Precision:

Engineered/Configured Solutions

Our sole focus is to understand a customer’s need and then develop a tailored solution to address the need.  That’s it.  We won’t ever try to push a customer towards an off-the-shelf product if it isn’t the best solution for the application.  Precision won’t ever try to convince a customer to lower their expectations in order to make a standard product look like the answer.

We have the knowledge and a materials/manufacturing toolkit to develop solutions that are engineered or configured to solve specific customer needs. 

Superior Return-On-Investment

When our customers are making money using a Precision solution, we’ve achieved our mission.  We take a Capital Expenditure + Operating Expense view of the investment that our customers are making.  Our solutions are not always the lowest acquisition cost, but measured over time and including the impact of loss of production due to downtime, repair frequency and cost, maintenance schedule and cost, our customers tell us that our solutions offer industry-best ROI.

The Precision Team

We are a small enough company to be very nimble and move very quickly.  We enjoy what we do.  Our team is knowledgeable and experienced but, even more than that, we really care about our customer’s success and take personal accountability for meeting our commitments to customers.  

Our goal is that we always communicate with our customers both responsively and proactively.  If you reach out to us, we’ll get in touch quickly.  If any questions or issues arise, you can expect to hear from us immediately.

Process Understanding

Our team has years of experience working with customers in many industries.  This experience allows us to offer insight and expertise about the specific challenges that you’re facing.  We “get it” and we understand the issues that you’re dealing with.

If we are not as familiar with your industry or your application, we’ll drill down into it until we become immersed in it.  We’ll ask questions, we’ll consult with experts, and go wherever necessary to find information that will allow us to recommend a productive solution.

On-Time Delivery

Our engineering and production systems drive exceptional on-time delivery performance.  For the most recent full year, 98.5% of all customer orders were delivered on-time.  We understand how critical it is for equipment to arrive at our customer’s site on-time.  We know that it is very costly to have an installation crew, riggers, and cranes standing around waiting.

We strive to set realistic due dates that are acceptable to our customers.  Attempting to drive up on-time delivery stats by quoting overly-long lead times goes against our grain and we won’t do it.

USA Production

All of Precision’s products are Made in America.  We are very proud of that fact and want to be a part of a vibrant and growing manufacturing sector of the economy. 

There are pragmatic reasons that make domestic production a smart choice as well.  Utilizing domestic suppliers of steel and components and local outside processing services gives us tight control over product quality.  The on-time delivery record we’ve established wouldn’t be possible without close coordination with domestic suppliers.  USA production translates into excellent product quality, product performance, and on-time delivery for Precision’s customers.

Built-In Durability

A key feature of all of Precision’s products is their durability.  This is linked to the ROI that we want to deliver for our customers – the longer one of our products can be operated, the lower the overall cost of ownership and the better the ROI. 

The superior durability doesn’t happen by accident.  If your application calls for it, we’ll recommend upgrading materials but we don’t create durability just by making things thicker and heavier.  We set high standards for welding and machining work and we’re continually looking at the design of our equipment to find ways to extend life.

No Empty Promises

If we don’t know the answer to your question, we’ll tell you we don’t know, and we’ll commit to getting back to you with the answer.  We aim to never “drop the ball.”

We believe that every question we’re asked and every opportunity that is presented to us for consideration is worthy of full effort.  We invest the time to be accurate and complete in all our communications with our customers.

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