Manufacturing Capabilities

Precision has chosen an integrated manufacturing model in which we keep all of the mission-critical manufacturing processes in-house.  In our case, we believe product design, CNC programming, fabrication, machining, and assembly can only be done by us.  Most other processes are outsourced to trusted, long-term local suppliers.

Employee safety is a paramount concern at Precision.  We invest heavily in improvements to reduce risks and devote considerable management and employee time to assuring that our facility is a safe place to work.  An active, employee-driven safety committee meets regularly and initiates numerous projects, small and large, to mitigate risks. 

We aim to maintain flexibility in our processes so that we can develop solutions for customer needs without limitations around materials of construction, equipment size and weight, tolerances, or configuration.

Beginning in 2018, we immersed ourselves in the principles of Lean Manufacturing and are committed to this as Precision’s roadmap for the future.  Kaizen events, 5S, balanced cellular flow of production, make-one/move-one, mixed lots, flexible fixturing, and other elements of Lean are part of our daily operations.  We are committed to continuous improvement in all our business processes.

All of our equipment design is done using SOLIDWORKS 3D modeling software and AutoCAD design software.  CNC programming is by SmartCam, integrated with SOLIDWORKS.

conveyor welding

Quality: Incoming materials and components are inspected for conformance to specifications.  We are adherents to the philosophy that quality work is the responsibility of every operator and can’t be effectively “inspected in.”  We complete final assembly inspection reports that document internal clearances on all rotary feeder and rotary valves; along with a short run on our test fixture.

On-Time Delivery: We have an obsessive focus on completing every customer on or before the promised ready-to-ship date.  Production schedules are reviewed daily including vendor deliveries and outside processing.

Materials: We have a wide variety of materials available to us in order to select the best one for a customer’s application.  We routinely work with mild steel, AR400, Tri-Braze abrasion-resistant steel, Super-C chromium carbide steel, and a wide range of stainless steels.  We utilize many types of hard-facing and overlay materials to provide additional wear resistance in key spots on our equipment.

CNC Machining: Precision has invested in a wide range of CNC mills and lathes in order to provide our customers with highly-repeatable, close tolerance machined parts in our rotary valves, rotary feeders, and screw conveyors.